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Born ¤ 13.10.1998
Fauvorite colour ¤ Greene
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Thank you my friends STAMP by izka197Llama Bagde thanks stamp by izka197Thanks for the Fave 2::Stamp:: by Zayix You didn't make it by NeslugSendzu stamp by Zaila-theCreatorDont steal my art by Wolven-SisterTakeover Stamp by JetProwerTheFox

Hello there strangers!
I'm a self taught artist from Finland. Even though it's been a long road from the start I still have so much to learn, but I'm getting there. In digital art I mostly draw canines, but sometimes other species get lost in there too, and traditionally I draw pretty much everything.
This dA page is mostly dedicated for my digital art, so you won't see much else than canines.
Feel free to talk, I don't bite...often! nun

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Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317

Ja tutustua saa! c:



Name: Sendzu, Seidi
Name Backwards: Uzdnes, and this I'm really proud of- Idies C:
Were you named after anyone?: No, mom just wanted to name me that to be a fucktard.
Does your name mean anything?: In some countries it means this sex goddes, and since it comes frome ''Sadie'' which is a brittish name that comes from ''Sarah'' it means a lady and a princess.
Nick Name(s): Sebastian, Sepi

Sign: Libra
Religion: Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
What you look like: A dancer, people tell me 
Innie or Outie: A little both, maybe more innie...or outie
Righty, Lefty, ambidextrous: Righty
Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other: Straight

Do You Have...

Any sisters: Big sister I have
Any brothers: Nope
Any pets: Two dogs
A Disease: ...I don't remember, I think I have o.o
A Personal phone line: Defenetly, I'm famous. (not really)
 A Cell phone: Yeah

Describe Your...

Personality: Social, awkward, a little unpatient
Driving: Not yet
Room: Covers of a book
School: ...Educational?
Bed: Princess bed which is supe high and soft and has lots of pillows
Relationship with your parent(s): Okay

Do You...

Believe in yourself: Depends
Believe in love at first sight?: I'd like to, but no.
Consider yourself a good listener: ...No ;n;
Get Along with your parents: Define get along
Save your e-mail conversations: No
Pray: I have to, but if it wasn't requierd I wouldn't
Believe in reincarnation: I think it might be possible
Like to make fun of people: Yeah, including myself
Like to talk on the phone: No, it reminds me of the space between me and the one I'm talking with
Like to eat: Yus
Like to drive: I don't drive yet
Eat the stems of broccoli: Yes
Eat Chicken fingers with a fork: No
Sleep with a stuffed animal: I would if I had one

Satellite Heart by Sendzu
Satellite Heart
I'm a satellite heart lost in the dark
I'm spun out so far, you stop, I start
But I'll be true to you no matter what you do
-Anya Marina 

This has been lying around for months. The idea for this one has changed a lot since I started, since first it was sort of happy,  I was happy getting through stuff myself, but then it turned into a little bit wistful 'cause it's about surviving alone, when there actually isn't anyone to help you. Damn try to get sense of that!
But anyway, this isn't anything to be proud of, but It's not the worst picture I've drawn. It's just a quick one!...finished in a little over a month?
Hope you like it


I kno I did this earlier this week too, but but wanted to say mah fiiiirst actual post c:
So u can check it out!...or not.
Do what ever you like! :DD…
Hello! I've decided to start writing my blog in english and I wanted to announce it here, even though most of you won't even give a fuck. x'D
But still, if someone is interested here is a link
Thanks for your time! n3n
Rhythmic Gymnast by Sendzu
Rhythmic Gymnast
I dunnooo owo
I haven't much uploaded traditional art here, huh? There is a faceless human being jumping in the air like... a deer.
I just really felt like submitting something here and I just got this done so why the hell not!
Drawing this took like less than an hour, but I fought with those damn fingers for days until I gave up. +its something fast I was gonna draw her wearing mittens C:
Sooooo yeaah, something different this time, I hope you like it nun


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